Friendly Neighbours

Friendly Neighbours

It’s not always easy to live in close proximity to so many people. In many condos and condo townhouses, noise can be a definite issue. The noise of downtown living–cars, streetcars, buses, sidewalk traffic–can also pose a challenge. Which is why when it comes to noise, all condos are not created equal. Look for solid buildings constructed by well known developers. Ask about wall thickness, firewalls and window quality. If you are investigating the purchase of a condo, visit at different times of the day and night and take the time to listen to external and internal noise. Pay attention to the area surrounding the building as well. Are there several empty lots? Construction plans in the works? If so, your lovely condo haven could become a noisy nightmare, so buyer beware!

Not all neighbours are created equal, either. While many condo dwellers are owners, and realize the importance of respecting common areas and protecting investments, renters or inconsiderate people may not share the same view, and wear, tear and clutter can abound. The best way to protect yourself from inconsiderate neighbours is to either join the board, or contact the board about your concerns, and always attend annual meetings. By Marissa Ponikowski

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